Who does Tomoya really love?

Who does Tomoya really love?

After they both graduate, Tomoya marries Nagisa. With the help of Yusuke Yoshino, he gets a job as an electrician. Soon after, Nagisa becomes pregnant with Ushio. During those months, Tomoya takes care of Nagisa, until she one day she suddenly grows ill.

Is kotomi in love with Tomoya?

After renovating Kotomi’s garden, Kotomi appears to Tomoya, and after some poignant conversation, Tomoya brings Kotomi out of her house to see the outside world inside her heart. Along the conversations, she confesses to Tomoya that she had been in love with him ever since he has entered her life.

Is Ushio alive?

Ushio passed away in the cold and Tomoya died soon after. In Tomoya’s last dream, Ushio is revealed to the girl from the Illusionary World. She requested Tomoya to obtain all Light Orbs to change their fate and sent him back in time.

Who are the main characters in Clannad manga?

Clockwise from top left: Tomoyo, Kotomi, Kyou, Fuko, and Nagisa in the center. This is a list of characters from the visual novel, manga, and anime series Clannad. The main character is Tomoya Okazaki, an average guy who became a delinquent after a fight with his father that permanently damaged the tendon in his right arm.

What kind of character is Tomoya in Clannad?

Nagisa describes him as someone who is seemingly mean and bad-mouthed, but is actually kind-hearted. In the After Story, Tomoya helps settle a lot of people’s problems. His love and protectiveness of Nagisa grows stronger to the point he eventually marries her after both of them graduate and he gets a job as an electrician, thanks to Yusuke.

Who are the parents of Nagisa Furukawa in Clannad?

She is the daughter of Akio Furukawa and Sanae Furukawa. Tomoya Okazaki throughout the Clannad manga and anime. Nagisa becomes an even greater force in the anime in the ~After Story~ arc, culminating in her marriage to Tomoya and the birth of their only daughter, Ushio Okazaki .

What kind of character is Nagisa from Clannad?

Nagisa is a cute olive-skinned girl with short wavy red hair that reaches a little below her shoulders, big and downward-slanting amber eyes and she has a frail physique as noted by Tomoya Okazaki, therefore she is petite for her age, due to her poor health and weak immune system. She also has two prominent ahoge sticking out on top of her head.