Who has the most kick returns for touchdowns in NFL history?

Who has the most kick returns for touchdowns in NFL history?

The statistic depicts the National Football League players with the most punt return touchdowns in the league’s history as of January 2021. Of these players, nobody has returned more kicks for touchdowns in NFL history than Devin Hester, whose NFL career spanned from 2006 to 2016.

What is the record for most field goals in an NFL game?

Tennessee Titans kicker Rob Bironas made history when he successfully converted eight field goal attempts during a 38-36 win over the Houston Texans on Oct. 21, 2007.

Who has the most punt return touchdowns in a season?

Devin Hester
4 players are tied for the most punt-return touchdowns in a season, with 4 touchdowns.

Patrick Peterson 2011 44
Devin Hester 2007 42
Rick Upchurch 1976 39
Jack Christiansen 1951 18

Who holds the record for most field goals?

Adam Vinatieri

Rank Player FGM
1 Adam Vinatieri 599
2 Morten Andersen+ 565
3 Gary Anderson 538
4 Jason Hanson 495

Who has the most punt returns in one season?

The record for punt return yards in a season is currently held by Desmond Howard of the Green Bay Packers who had 875 yards in 1996.

Who is the best kick returner in NFL history?

Top 5 best kick returners in NFL history

  1. Devin Hester.
  2. Brian Mitchell.
  3. Cordarrelle Patterson. NFL teams: Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots, Chicago Bears, Atlanta Falcons.
  4. Josh Cribbs. NFL teams: Cleveland Browns, New York Jets, Indianapolis Colts.
  5. Gale Sayers. NFL teams: Chicago Bears.

What is the longest field goal in NCAA history?

67 yards
The NCAA record is 67 yards held by 3 kickers, Russell Erxleben of Texas, Steve Little of Arkansas and Joe Williams of Wichita State University. All three of those kickers achieved that feat in the 1977-1978 college seasons.

When did they move the goalposts to the back of the end zone?

During the first NFL season in 1920, the goalposts were located at the goal line of the endzone. In 1927 the NCAA would move their goalposts to the back of the end line. With that change being made by the NCAA, the NFL would follow suit and move theirs to the end line as well.