Who is Brinkley Davies?

Who is Brinkley Davies?

Brinkley is the Founder & CEO of Balu Blue Foundation Inc. an Australian Environmental and Wildlife Charity. Bandicoot Jewellery – @bandicoot_bybrinkley was lanched in 2020, to support the conservation projects of Balu Blue, with beautiful, high quality and sustainable collections.

Who is Brinkley on Ybs?

Brinkley Davies might be the most badass scientist the world has ever seen. The Australian beauty just finished up her BS in Marine Biology at university, and when she’s not pushing herself to more extreme depths free diving, she occasionally models and acts as an ambassador for brands like Reef and GoPro.

Where does Brinkley Davies live?

With the help of Balu Blue Foundation, Bunji now lives at the refuge called, Two Songs Sanctuary.

What does the name Brinkley mean?

The name Brinkley is a girl’s name meaning “woodland clearing”. It probably derives from the Old English masculine name Brynca + “ley” (woodland clearing).

Who is Brodie Moss wife?

Brodie’s girlfriend is a young Argentine woman named Victoria Ferreira, although Brodie mostly calls her ‘Vicki’.

Who is part of Ybs Youngbloods?

Brodie Moss and his mates have quickly garnered over two million followers through their YouTube channel Youngbloods Spearfishing. Their videos primarily show them swimming, snorkelling and fishing off WA’s coastline, while interacting with various marine such as sea turtles, whales, dolphins and shark rays.

Who is Chippa Wilson?

Chippa Wilson is a Renaissance man: He’s a world-renowned professional surfer and X Games silver medalist, new heritage lifestyle icon, weekend project enthusiast and a rancher.

What kind of name is Brinkley?

English: habitational name from places in Cambridgeshire and Nottinghamshire named Brinkley; the first is most probably named with the Old English personal name Brynca (of uncertain origin) + Old English leah ‘woodland clearing’.

Is Brinkley a girl dog name?

Famous people named Brinkley: As a first name, Brinkley doesn’t have any notable bearers. Although it was the name of the (male) dog in the movie You’ve Got Mail.

Does Ybs have a girlfriend?

Brodie’s girlfriend is a young Argentine woman named Victoria Ferreira, although Brodie mostly calls her ‘Vicki’. They quite obviously had something going on for months, but he first called her his girlfriend in the title of the below video published to YouTube on January 23, 2021.

What island is Ybs on?

Brodie, who created Youngbloods clothing company, has become a social media sensation through his travels and Bear Grylls-like approach to exploring coastal regions of Australia. He and his partner have been living on Christmas Island, a small patch of land 1,550 km north-west of its closest Australian mainland point.

Where is Moss land?

Mosslands is a homestead in Western Australia. Mosslands is south of Gabidine Hill….Mosslands.

Latitude -31.6516° or 31° 39′ 5.6″ south Longitude 116.4265° or 116° 25′ 35.4″ east
Open Location Code 4PWR8CXG+9J Elevation 209 metres (686 feet)

Who is Brinkley Davies and what does she do?

Brinkley Davies Surfer, Free-diver, Marine Biologist, Conservationist and Adventurer from Australia From the rugged coastlines of Australia, to the edges of

How old is Brinkley Davies from Balu blue?

From Flinders University the Marine Biologist earned a Bachelors’s degree in Marine Biology in the year 2014. At the age of 23 years, Brinkley got to be the Founder and CEO of the Balu Blue Foundation which is impressive. The star goes by the name brinkleydavies on Instagram with 218K followers and about 2.5K total posts.

Who is Brinkley Davies boyfriend on YBS Youngbloods?

Brinkley Davies mostly shares about her lifestyle, travel, and marine lifestyle. Brodie Moss is the boyfriend of the Marine Biologist who is also the CEO & founder of the youtube channel named YBS Youngbloods which has crossed 1.9M total subscribers.