Who is EUSA in Riddley Walker?

Who is EUSA in Riddley Walker?

Eusa is a corruption of Eustace: an amalgam of St Eustace, depicted in a mural in Canterbury cathedral whose partial story is known through a cherished scrap of printed material; and Eustace the monk, a mercenary whose demise at the Battle of Sandwich in 1217 results in his head being paraded through the streets on a …

How old is Riddley Walker?

twelve years old
Riddley Walker is twelve years old, and at the outset of the book three remarkable things happen to him that seem to set him on a path toward mystery. First, on his “naming day”–the day he turns twelve–he kills a wild boar, and he notices the eyes of the leader of a wild dog pack watching him closely.

When was Riddley Walker written?

Riddley Walker (1980) is a science fiction novel by Russell Hoban, first published in 1980….Riddley Walker.

First edition
Author Russell Hoban
Genre Science fiction, Dystopian fiction
Publisher Jonathan Cape
Publication date 16 October 1980

Where does Riddley Walker take?

Set in a postapocalyptic England, this classic tells the tale of one 12-year-old boy and his journey through the ruins of civilization. After the death of his father in an accident, Riddley must become a man.

How does Riddley Walker end?

In the end, his “connexion,” or enlightenment, relates to the fact that the most powerful are those who do not seek power at all. Riddley continues on his journey, reenacting Punch and Judy performances in a traveling entourage, accompanied by the great pack of loyal dogs.

Who wrote Riddley Walker?

Russell Hoban
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What is the message of Riddley Walker?

Riddley Walker concerns the efforts of leaders in post-holocaust England to recapture what they perceive to be the glories of civilization destroyed by what the reader knows to have been nuclear war.