Who is General Rani husband?

Who is General Rani husband?

‘General Rani’ means ‘General’s Queen’ literally….This article’s tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia.

Akleem Akhtar
Born c. 1931/1932 Gujrat, Punjab
Died 1 July 2002 (aged 70–71) Lahore, Pakistan
Partner(s) General Yahya Khan (Military ruler of Pakistan from 1969 to 1971)
Children 6

Which Pakistani general got shot by his wife?

Major General Ameer Faisal Alavi (28 March 1954 – 19 November 2008) was a Pakistan Army two-star general and special operations expert who was the first General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the elite Special Service Group of Pakistan Army.

Where was Yahya Khan born?

Chakwal, Pakistan
Yahya Khan/Place of birth

How did Yahya died?

Death. Yahya remained under house arrest until 1979, when he was released from the custody by martial law administrator General Fazle Haq. He stayed out from public events and died on 10 August 1980 in Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan.

Who is Major General Faiz Hameed?

Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed HI(M) is a three-star ranking general in the Pakistan Army. He was commissioned in Baloch regiment and served as the 24th Director-General of the spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

WHO killed Yahya Khan?

What is the meaning of Yahya?

The name Yahya is primarily a male name of Arabic origin that means God Is Gracious..

Who is current DG ISI of Pakistan?

The current DG of ISI is Lt. General Faiz Hameed….

Director-General of Inter-Services Intelligence
Incumbent Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed since 17th June 2019
Inter-Services Intelligence
Residence Chaklala, Rawalpindi
Appointer Prime Minister

Why was Rani Akhtar given the name Rani?

In fact, Rani was Akhtar’s alias and General was the title given to her as a joke by people and news media because of her being included in the inner circle of General Yahya Khan during his military rule between 1969 and 1971 in Pakistan. She was perhaps the most powerful woman in Pakistan for that period.

Who is known as General Rani in Pakistan?

Aqleem Akhtar also known as General Rani. Throughout history, powerful men have indulged in the eternal weakness for women and wine. Thunderous beings in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan have been no exception, with the tale of General Rani serving as an epithet of pleasure through power.

Where did Aqleem Akhtar Rani live most of her life?

Since 1980’s till her death in 2002 Aqleem Akhtar Raani or General Raani spent a quiet life at her home town Gujrat. She is mentioned in memoirs of many military and civil officials who have worked with General Yahya Khan. Interestingly a Punjabi film loosely based on her character was also produced in Lahore in 1990’s named Madam Raani.

Why was Aqleem Akhtar Raani called General Raani?

Aqleem Akhtar Raani became the closest friend of General Yahya Khan suddenly gained importance. Due to her closeness with the General, she was being called as General Raani in the press, an identity which over shadowed her actual name Aqleem Akhtar.