Who is Killer Kane in Freak the Mighty?

Who is Killer Kane in Freak the Mighty?

Kenneth “Kenny” David Kane (also known as Killer Kane) is the main antagonist of the book. He is Max’s selfish and sociopathic father. He was sent to prison for strangling his wife to death. After his release from prison on parole, Kenny kidnaps Maxwell on Christmas Eve and takes him to Loretta and Iggy’s apartment.

What did Kenny Kane pretend?

Kenny also pretends to be innocent of murder, even though Max saw him kill his mother.

Is Killer Kane a real person?

Killer Kane is a fictional character in the Buck Rogers comic strip and its subsequent 1939 Buck Rogers serial film produced by Universal Studios. …

What is Killer Kane’s method of killing in Freak the Mighty?

With his brain, that’s how. Freak has a squirt gun filled with sulfuric acid. And he tells Kane if he doesn’t let Max and Loretta go, he will squirt him in the face. Kane makes a move, and Freak fires directly into his eyes.

Why did Killer Kane kidnap Max?

Killer Kane kidnaps Max because he believes that he has been unfairly deprived of his son. Essentially, Killer Kane intends to start a new life with Max.

What did Kenny Kane do?

Kenny’s full name is Kenneth David Kane. He was a psychopathic murderer who killed his wife by strangling her to death in front of his son, Maxwell. He kept the fact that he witnessed the murder a secret for many years, or repressed the memory.

What is Killer Kane’s physical description?

Like Max, Kenny is extremely tall and wide, but unlike Max, Kenny is cruel and unfeeling—Grim refers to him as an “accident of nature.” Grim’s feelings are fueled by the fact that about a decade before the novel begins, Kenny murdered Annie, his wife and Max’s mother, with his bare hands.

Is Freak the Mighty a true story?

Question: Is your book ‘Freak The Mighty’ based on a real story? Answer: The idea for ‘Freak The Mighty’ was inspired by the personality of a real boy. Like Kevin he suffered from a disease that made him very short. There the similarity ends – the plot of the story is pure fiction.

How long was Killer Kane in jail?

Killer Kane was in jail for eight years before he was released on parole. After violating his parole and committing several serious crimes, he is arrested and sent back to prison to serve his original sentence of life in prison plus ten additional years.

What did Killer Kane do to try and prove his integrity?

What did Killer Kane do to try to improve his integrity? He swore on the bible for Max. How did grim respond when gram said he never got coal for Christmas?

What happens Killer Kane?

The answer to your question is that Kenny “Killer” Kane is put back in jail. At the beginning of the book, we learn that Max lives with his “Grim and Gram” because his dad is incarcerated. At one point, Max is called into the principal’s office where he learns that his dad is going to be let out of jail on parole.

Why does Killer Kane wake Max before daybreak?

Why does Killer Kane wake Max before day break? Yes because he says that if it is true that i killed this boys mother God strike me dead and nothing happend.