Who is Paine FFX?

Who is Paine FFX?

Paine is a sphere hunter from Final Fantasy X-2, the only new playable character. By default, she wields a sword in battle as the Warrior class. Little is known about Paine’s past before X-2, but it is suggested that she spent her childhood growing up during the time of Sin’s reign upon Spira during Final Fantasy X.

How much HP does Anima have?

Anima Basic Information

Name Anima
HP(Overkill) 18000(1400) MP
AP(Overkill) 2500(3750) Gil
Drop (7/8) Ability Sphere 1 (2) Drop (1/8)
steal (3/4) Silence Grenade 3 Steal (1/4)

Who is the strongest Aeon?

Every Aeon In Final Fantasy 10, Ranked

  • 8 Yojimbo. Although he looks amazing and has a powerful weapon that appears capable of slicing any foe in two, Yojimbo ends up at the bottom of our list.
  • 7 Ifrit.
  • 6 Ixion.
  • 5 Shiva.
  • 4 Bahamut.
  • 3 Valefor.
  • 2 Anima.
  • 1 The Magus Sisters.

Is Paine al BHED?

As demonstrated by her ability to play blitzball, Paine can hold her breath for at least five minutes. Paine can also speak Al Bhed.

Why Does Lulu have so many belts?

Character designer Tetsuya Nomura gave Lulu numerous belts to test the graphics developers to see if they could get the exact combination, number of belts, and overall design correct every time. Lulu is absent during cutscenes involving complex movements.

How do you defeat azoth anima?

To maximize the %damage, upgrade the sacrificial weapon to 40 first before infusing to the target weapon. Then upgrade the fused weapon to 40. This doubles the maximum %damage compared to weapons that were fused without levelling up the sacrificial item first.

How do I beat Anima ffx2?

It is best to protect the party by equipping Ribbons. Anima is weak against Holy, so a Warrior’s Excalibur and Yuna’s Trainer with Kogoro Holy, deal heavy damage. The Dark Knight’s Darkness ability also works well, as does the Samurai’s Fireworks.

What is the most powerful Aeon FFX?

Bahamut is considered the strongest storyline summon. He is slow, but his Impulse attack and Mega Flare Overdrive are powerful, both dealing large non-elemental damage to all enemies. Bahamut can break the damage limit natively, and revives after 24 battles.

What element is Valefor?

These are traits a summoner must achieve to succeed in defeating Sin. The Buddhist concept of nothingness may also be associated with the element of air. Valefor is a flying aeon whose main attack is non-elemental and delays the opponent’s turn, traits that also fit this theme.

Who is Seymour’s mother?

Agnes Skinner is the strict and bitter mother of Seymour Skinner. She is very harshly controlling of her son and treats him like a mother would do to a small child, once grounding him because he did not say who was at the door after answering it.

Is Anima the final Aeon?

Final Fantasy X-2 Anima’s fayth tries to stop Shuyin’s apocalyptic plan, but she, like the others, ends up possessed by his hatred. Anima is the final aeon Yuna, Rikku and Paine face in a battle on their way to the Farplane.

How does pain work in Final Fantasy X?

Final Fantasy X. Deals damage and Death to an enemy. Pain is an ability used by the aeon Anima. The player gains access to this ability when summoning Anima with Yuna. Pain is Anima’s special attack that inflicts Instant Death and also deals damage to the few enemies immune to death spells, often 99,999 with high enough stats.

What kind of sword does Paine have in Final Fantasy X?

Paine wields unique swords in her Warrior, Dark Knight, and Samurai dresspheres. While in her White Mage and Black Mage dresspheres, she wields weapons from Final Fantasy X: the Malleable Staff and Enchanted Rod, respectively.

Who is the voice of Paine in Final Fantasy X?

Paine is voiced by Gwendoline Yeo in English. Yeo has stated in an interview her favorite line from Paine is, “All I want to do is hurt you”. In the Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster Paine will occasionally say lines in Japanese during battle. The lines were done by her English voice actress, Gwendoline Yeo.

Who are the henchmen of Paine in Final Fantasy?

Rikku and Paine confront Leblanc and chase her out to the docks until being confronted by her two chief henchmen, Logos and Ormi. Yuna joins the fray and reclaims her Garment Grid but begins dancing uncontrollably as though against her will.