Who is SP Giridih?

Who is SP Giridih?

Mr Amit Renu
DC and SP Contacts of Giridih District

Name Designation Email Id
Mr Amit Renu (I.P.S.) Superintendent Of Police sp-giridih[at]jhpolice[dot]gov[dot]in

What is PIN code of Giridih?

Giridih/Zip codes

What is the PIN code Jharkhand?

STD & PIN Codes

Location Pin Code State
Bamangama 815353 Jharkhand
Banka 815552 Jharkhand
Bansbutia 814146 Jharkhand
Bara Chapra 815353 Jharkhand

Who is the MLA of Giridih?

Sudivya Kumar is an Indian politician and an MLA elected from Giridih block of Jharkhand state as a member of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha 2019.

Who is current DGP of Jharkhand?

Niraj Sinha IPS
Jharkhand is among the top Indian states for total recruitment. The new DGP is Niraj Sinha….Jharkhand Police.

Jharkhand Police झारखंड पुलिस
General nature Local civilian police Secret police
Operational structure
Headquarters Ranchi, Jharkhand
Agency executive Niraj Sinha IPS, DGP

What is Dumka PIN code?

Dumka/Zip codes

How many blocks are there in Hazaribagh district?

11 blocks
Hazaribagh sub-division comprises 11 blocks: Sadar, Hazaribagh, Katkamsandi, Bishnugarh, Barkagaon, Keredari, Ichak, Churchu, Daru, Tati Jhariya, Katkamdag and Dadi. Barhi sub-division comprises 5 blocks: Padma, Barhi, Chauparan, Barkatha and Chalkusha.

Which is the postal code of Giridih, Jharkhand?

Giridih Pin Code is 815301. Pin Code is also known as Zip Code or Postal Code. Giridih is located in district Giridh, Jharkhand, INDIA. Giridih Near By Pin Code List

When did Giridih district become a police district?

Giridih police is committed to protect the human rights of one and all. The district Giridih is functioning as a police district since 3rd April 1965 and as revenue district since 4th December 1972..

Which is the district of Giridh in India?

Giridih is located in district Giridh, Jharkhand, INDIA. Disclaimer: The information provided here is latest and updated as available from India Post, but the users are advised to verify information with the respective Postal Office before using the information provided.

How tall is Parasnath Hill in Giridih district?

The south eastern part of the district is Parasnath hills and its ridges which fall under the Pirtand, Dumri, Nimiaghat police station of Giridih district and Topchanchi, Rajgang and Tundi police stations of Dhanbad district. The maximum height of parasnath hill 4431 feet and having the circumference about 40 km.