Who is the artist of the pictures of Jesus?

Who is the artist of the pictures of Jesus?

Pictures of Jesus, by Greg Olson. Greg Olson is an exceptional artists, who doesn’t only portray Jesus in a serious way, but he also expresses the love of God. These images of Jesus show us something of the wonderful person who Jesus Christ truly is: full of love, purity, compassion and power, helping, guiding and saving us.

What makes Jesus the perfect image of God?

Jesus Christ is the perfect image of God, showing us who God is and how we can get to know God as our Father and best Friend. Jesus Christ is the One who gives us true peace and joy, and who turns our darkness into bright light. Visit the website of Greg Olson, to buy his Jesus paintings, for your home, church or office.

Is it legal to use pictures of Jesus?

These images of Jesus are under copyright, so be careful not to use them without obtaining written permission from the artists. The purpose of this list of Jesus paintings is to inspire you with the person of Jesus Christ. Enjoy these Jesus pictures and share them with your friends, so they can also have a fresh encounter with Jesus Christ.

Are there any pictures of Jesus that are realistic?

There are, however, some images which have been claimed to realistically show how Jesus looked. One early tradition, recorded by Eusebius of Caesarea, says that Jesus once washed his face with water and then dried it with a cloth, leaving an image of his face imprinted on the cloth.

Why are there no pictures of Jesus in churches?

The 36th canon of the non-ecumenical Synod of Elvira in 306 AD reads, “It has been decreed that no pictures be had in the churches, and that which is worshipped or adored be not painted on the walls”, which has been interpreted by John Calvin and other Protestants as an interdiction of the making of images of Christ.

Where was the mosaic of Jesus Christ taken?

A mosaic of Jesus, with halo and open arms. His hands show the marks of crucifixion. Taken in Alessandria, Italy The Crucifixion Jesus Christ. The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Jesus’s nailed legs on the cross Hands of Jesus and Communion.