Who is the bad guy in Scanners?

Who is the bad guy in Scanners?

Darryl Revok is the main antagonist of the 1981 science-fiction horror film Scanners directed by David Cronenberg. He is the older brother of the protagonist Cameron Vale and the son of Dr. Paul Ruth.

What is a scanner head?

The scan head is a physical portion of a flatbed scanner that moves slowly across the bed, inputting the image on the glass above.

Who wrote scanners?

David Cronenberg

Was scanners based on a book?

Scanners: A Novel: Leon Whiteson, David Cronenberg: 9780505516756: Books.

Is CT scan of brain harmful?

The CT scan is a painless, noninvasive procedure, and doctors generally consider it to be safe. However, it carries some possible risks. As a CT scan exposes a person to radiation, there is a risk that the person could develop cancer from excessive radiation doses.

What are the side effects of head CT scan?

Side effects and risks for a cranial CT scan involve discomfort, exposure to radiation, and allergic reaction to the contrast dye. Discuss any concerns with your doctor before the test so you can assess the potential risks and benefits for your medical condition.

What are the different types of scanners?

The information will include; cost, and how its used The four common scanner types are: Flatbed, Sheet-fed, Handheld, and Drum scanners.

What did Revok do to the other scanners?

Revok, who is killing all opposing scanners, infiltrates a ConSec marketing event and telepathically causes ConSec’s other scanner’s head to explode before escaping.

Who are the bad guys in the scanners?

They can alter your bodily functions. A particularly powerful one, like Big Bad Darryl Revok ( Michael Ironside) can blow up your head. Revok is a psychotic scanner-supremacist who wants to Take Over the World (reportedly, some of the later characterization for Magneto was based on him), and, with his terrorist sect of scanners, probably could.

Who are the scanners in the movie ConSec?

Vale is one of 237 super-powered individuals known as “scanners” capable of telepathy and psychokinesis which ConSec is attempting to recruit to stop a malevolent underground ring of scanners led by Darryl Revok, a former mental patient who trepanned his own skull to cope with an uncontrollable stream of thoughts which also drove Vale insane.

Who is the most powerful man in the scanners?

A scientist sends a man with extraordinary psychic powers to hunt others like him. A scientist sends a man with extraordinary psychic powers to hunt others like him. Darryl Revok is the most powerful of all the scanners, and is the head of the underground scanner movement for world domination.