Who is the guy that says my leg on SpongeBob?

Who is the guy that says my leg on SpongeBob?

Fred Rechid
Fred is a greenish-brown fish and one of the first generic background character models to appear in the series. He has a famous running gag of yelling “my leg!”.

What episode is SpongeBob my leg?

My Leg! (Episode)

My Leg!
© Viacom
Episode No.: 231a
Season: 11
Airdate: May 8, 2018

Who voiced Fred the Fish?

Fred may be a wealthy fish, because he is part of Squilliam Fancyson’s friends, auctioned Mr. Krabs for $1,000,000 for the Soda-Drinking Hat….

Voiced By Tom Kenny Dean Kovanda

Why does Fred say my leg in SpongeBob?

Krabs tells SpongeBob to break a leg during his cooking show. Mr. “Bubbletown” — A bubble version of Fred says this when SpongeBob accidentally pops the bottom half of his body. Because of that Bubble Fred screams “My bubble legs!”

Who plays Old Man Jenkins in SpongeBob?

John Gegenhuber
John Gegenhuber is a voice actor. He is best known for the voice of Old Man Jenkins.

When was the first my leg in SpongeBob?

Season 1. “Boating School” — SpongeBob crashes a boat into Mrs. Puff’s lighthouse, causing it to fall over twice.

Is ink lemonade The worst episode?

They took the show’s most memorable running gag and made it an entire episode with a cool story and funny moments. And the song at the end is cool too. Ink Lemonade is just the worst episode of any show I have ever seen. Skip it… but watch My Leg.

Who voices the fish head in SpongeBob?

Doug Lawrence
His voice actor, Doug Lawrence, refers to him as “the fish announcer.” He is one of the two Bikini Bottom’s best-known reporters, along with Perch Perkins. When he is reporting news when it is snowy in Bikini Bottom, he can be seen wearing a snow hat.

Does Eric Lange voice plankton?

Both games feature the Chum Bucket as a playing location and in the latter, Plankton is a player character. Additionally, Plankton and Karen are both mentioned by Eric Lange (as his character Sikowitz) in “Tori Goes Platinum,” an episode of Nickelodeon’s sitcom Victorious.

Who is the only person to say my leg on SpongeBob?

Someone yelling “My leg!,” “Your leg!,” “His leg!,” and “Fred’s leg!” in the same rhythm and cadence as the original running gag. Note: Out of those four sayings above, and throughout the whole episode, SpongeBob is the only character who says, “Fred’s leg!” The episode was confirmed by Vincent Waller on December 31, 2017.

When does Fred yell’my leg’in SpongeBob?

He has been heard yelling “My leg!” in many episodes, usually during dangerous events. He appears as the main protagonist of the episode ” My Leg! ,” which mainly focuses on him throughout the episode. He has made many more prominent roles in the series ever since “My Leg!”.

Why does SpongeBob Say My Eyes my Eyes?

“My eyes!”. “Something Smells” — When SpongeBob asks a passing fish in a boat through the windshield if he’s “ugly,” the stench of SpongeBob’s breath burns his face causing him to scream “My eyes! My eyes!” before he loses control and comes to a stop only to spontaneously combust after throwing SpongeBob off.

How did SpongeBob SquarePants protect Fred’s leg?

Outside of the hospital, Fred finds SpongeBob and tells him not to get near his leg, noting a flashback that had his leg run over by a toy train. SpongeBob decides that he should protect his leg unnoticed, so he covers over harm to Fred’s leg, including a wood cutter in Fred’s workplace, hot coals, and even bashing other people that is near Fred.