Who is the Jack FM voice?

Who is the Jack FM voice?

Who is that debonair, sexy, sarcastic voice between the songs and why does he seem familiar? His name is Paul Darrow. He’s better known as Avon from Blake’s 7.

What happened Jack radio?

Former stations JACK Radio ran from 23 October 2018 until 10 December 2020 on the Sound Digital national multiplex, taking the place of the national version of JACK 3.

Who owns 104.1 Jack FM?

Audacy, Inc.
The station is owned by Audacy, Inc. and airs an adult hits radio format known as “Jack FM.” Studios and offices are on Second Avenue South in Minneapolis. KZJK has an effective radiated power of 100,000 watts….KZJK.

Frequency 104.1 MHz (HD Radio)
Branding 104.1 Jack FM
Language(s) English
Format Adult hits

Who is Remy Maxwell?

“Remy Maxwell was born with a God given gift to entertain. He has the ability to connect to his listeners and provide compelling radio in a way that is not the “norm”, but his own. Not only does he gain the respect of his peers in everything he does, they are proud to have this ‘Dirtbag’ as their friend.”

When did Jack FM start broadcasting in the UK?

In October 2006, the UK’s first Jack FM format station won a broadcast licence for the Oxford area. 106 Jack FM Oxford started broadcasting at 1:06 PM BST on October 18, 2007. On December 2, 2009, Bristol radio station Original FM changed to Jack FM after requesting a format change with OFCOM.

Who is the owner of HertBeat FM station?

July 2005 saw HertBeat FM owner Radio Hertford (Commercial) acquired by Shadow Radio Holdings, led by Brett Harley, resulting in a change of directors. The station continued offering locally oriented content, music and request shows using a roster of presenters through the day and night.

Who is the owner of Jack radio station?

Secondary Jack FM logo, often used on Entercom /Audacy stations. Beginning in late 2002, the format was adopted on Canadian radio stations owned by Rogers Communications. The first Jack station was Vancouver’s CKLG-FM, which quickly shot to the top of the city’s BBM radio ratings.

Who is the voice of Jack on Jack FM?

All Jack FM stations in the United States and Canada use Howard Cogan as the voice of Jack, while all Jack FM stations in the United Kingdom use former Blake’s 7 actor Paul Darrow as the voice of Jack. Stations using the “Jack” name are very strictly licensed by SparkNet.