Who is the real Ronnie Bass?

Who is the real Ronnie Bass?

He was portrayed by actor Kip Pardue in the 2000 film Remember the Titans which is about his high school’s number 2 ranked in the nation 1971 State Championship team, on which he was the starting quarterback. ….Ronnie Bass.

No. 12
College South Carolina (1973–77)
High school T.C. Williams (Alexandria, VA)

What happened Ronnie Bass?

Ron Bass started at South Carolina in 1976 and 1977, after backing up Jeff Grantz for two years and redshirting because of an injury in 1975. He lives in Little River, where he’s the national sales manager for WMBF TV in Myrtle Beach.

How old is Ronnie sunshine bass?

66 years (October 28, 1955)
Ronnie Bass/Age

What happened to Sunshine from Remember the Titans?

He was famously portrayed in the movie “Remember the Titans” by Kip Pardue who had to cut his long blonde locks in order to be on the football team. Boone died on Wednesday at the age of 84. Bass said he had been battling cancer for a few months.

Who is Kip Pardue married to?

Alyson Wilson

Kip Pardue
Born Kevin Ian Pardue September 23, 1975 Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Education Yale University (BA)
Occupation Actor, model
Spouse(s) Alyson Wilson

Did sunshine really kiss Gary?

Did Ronnie Bass (Sunshine) really kiss Gerry Bertier on the lips? The scene in the movie where the star quarterback nicknamed “Sunshine” jokingly kisses team captain Gerry Bertier on the lips did not actually happen in real life. The film implies that Bass may, in fact, be gay, but that is also untrue.

What killed Gerry Bertier?

March 20, 1981
Gerry Bertier/Date of death

Did Julius and Gerry stay friends?

7) Did Gerry Bertier and Julius Campbell become best friends in real life? This one’s partially true; Bertier and Campbell were friends in real life, just like many other players became friends.

Why was Petey mad at Sunshine?

Petey was really annoyed because before going in, he was saying how they wouldn’t accept them because they were black but Sunshine didn’t listen. So in the end, Petey got annoyed, took all his mates (blacks), and went away. Don’t worry.

Did Kip Pardue play football?

Kip Pardue was born in Atlanta, Georgia on September 23, 1975. He grew up playing football and baseball and graduated from Dunwoody High School, located in Atlanta, Georgia in 1994. The next year he was recruited to play football by Yale University. He graduated in 1998 with a degree in Economics.

How accurate was the movie Remember the Titans?

Remember the Titans, based on the true story of T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia. Jerry Bruckheimer and Walt Disney Pictures bought the script based on the fact that it is a true story, but much of the film‟s content is fictional.