Who voiced Tommy Turner?

Who voiced Tommy Turner?

Tara StrongThe Fairly OddParents
Drake BellA Fairly Odd SummerAlec BaldwinChannel ChasersKath SoucieChannel Chasers
Timmy Turner/Voiced by

Who voiced Timmy Turner first?

Mary Kay Bergman
Mary Kay Bergman (June 5, 1961 – November 11, 1999) was an American voice artist, best known for her work on South Park as several female characters, including Sheila Broflovski and Liane Cartman. She was the original voice actor of Timmy Turner in the Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts.

What happened to Tommy Turner?

UPDATE – The Clark County coroner has identified the worker killed Monday as Thomas Albert Turner, 44, of Henderson. One man was killed and another injured in an accident at the third intake construction site 600 feet underground at Lake Mead on Monday afternoon.

Is Timmy Turner a boy or girl?

Who is Timmy Turner?

Timmy Turner
Gender: Male Female (The Boy Who Would Be Queen, Dadlantis, and Elmerella)
Species: Human Fairy (“A Mile In My Shoes” and A Fairly Odd Summer)
Age: 10 (main series) 23 (live-action movies)
Birthday: March 21, 1992

Who does Timmy voice on South Park?


Actor Character(s)
Trey Parker Timmy Jimmy Valmer
Ned Gerblansky Dr. Alphonse Mephesto and Kevin
Santa Claus Mr. Hankey
Mr. Mackey Stephen Stotch

Who died from Fairly OddParents?

Mary Kay Bergman (June 5, 1961 – November 11, 1999) was an American voice actress….

Mary Kay Bergman
Cause of death Suicide by firearm
Nationality American
Occupation 1987-1999 Voice actress
Known for South Park, The Fairly OddParents

What happened to Mary Kay Bergman?

Mary Kay Bergman, whose many voices were heard on ”South Park” and in other animated television shows and films, died on Nov. 11 at her home in Los Angeles. She was 38. The cause of death was a self-inflicted gunshot wound, said Officer Charlotte Broughton of the Los Angeles Police Department.

How do you do character voices?

7 Effective Ways to Give Your Characters Unique Voices

  1. It’s Not About Accents and Syntax.
  2. Read the Dialogue Aloud.
  3. Cover the Character Names.
  4. Eliminate Unnecessary Exposition Dialogue.
  5. Identify Character Types.
  6. Identify Character Traits.
  7. Action Speaks Louder Than Words.

Is Timmy Turner a girl now?

Timothy Tiberius “Timmy” Turner is a 10-year-old boy who was given fairy godparents to grant his every wish as a result of his neglectful parents and abuse from Vicky.

What episode does Timmy turn into a girl?

Would Be
The Fairly OddParents – 2x06b – The Boy Who Would Be Queen. Hoping to find the perfect gift for Trixie Tang’s birthday party, Timmy wishes that he could think like a girl, but to his horror he is turned into an actual girl named “Timantha”.

Who is the voice of Timmy on Fairly OddParents?

Timmy Turner voiced by Tara Strong and 5 others

Who are Tommy Turner’s parents in Fairly OddParents?

He is the future son of Timmy Turner and Trixie Tang. Tommy spends one week living with his mom, another week living with his dad, then a week back to his mom. Tommy’s appearance is a mix of Timmy and Trixie’s looks, he has his father’s eyes, buck teeth and hair, but his mother’s hair color.

Who are the main characters in Fairly OddParents?

Characters, Characters voiced by Tara Strong, Thomas “Tommy” Turner is one of the minor characters of The All New Fairly OddParents! and a main character of The Fairly OddParents: The Next Generation. He is the future son of Timmy Turner and Trixie Tang.