Who won the All-Ireland in 2014 hurling?

Who won the All-Ireland in 2014 hurling?

Kilkenny won the All-Ireland title following a 2–17 to 2–14 defeat of Tipperary after a replay.

When did Kilkenny win the All-Ireland?

The all-time record-holders are Kilkenny, who won their 36th title in 2015.

How many All-Ireland finals have Kilkenny won?

36 times
Kilkenny has won the All-Ireland Championship 36 times as of 2019 and has won the provincial Leinster Championship on 71 occasions as of 2019.

Who won the 2015 All Ireland hurling final?

Kilkenny hurling team
2015 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship/Champion

Who won the 1991 All-Ireland hurling final?

On 1 September 1991, Tipperary won the championship following a 1–16 to 0–15 defeat of Kilkenny in the All-Ireland final….1991 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship.

Championship details
Winning team Tipperary (24th win)
Captain Declan Carr
Manager Michael ‘Babs’ Keating
All-Ireland Finalists

How long is it since Kilkenny won an All-Ireland?

Cork are the second most successful county in the history of the championship with 30 victories, behind only Kilkenny who boast 36 titles. But the last time Cork even reached the final was in 2013 when they lost a final replay to Clare who were winning their first All-Ireland since 1997.

Who won the most All-Ireland hurling finals?

The all-time record-holders are Kilkenny, who have won the championship on 36 occasions. Limerick are the current champions.

Who won most all Irelands?

All-Ireland Senior Football Championship
No. of teams 33
Title holders Tyrone (4th title)
Most titles Kerry (37 titles)
Sponsors Supervalu Eir Allied Irish Bank

When did Waterford last won the All-Ireland?

The All-Ireland senior hurling final saw Waterford lining out in only their third ever championship decider. They last played in the All-Ireland final two years earlier in 1957 when they were defeated by Kilkenny. Waterford last won the title in 1948 when they defeated Dublin.

When was the last time Kilkenny won the Hurling Championship?

It was the sixth successive year that the counties had played each other in the championship, with Kilkenny winning 4 times. Kilkenny went into the final having won 34 All Ireland titles, including 9 titles in the previous 13 years (2000, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, and 2012).

Where was the 2014 All Ireland Hurling Final played?

The 2014 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Final, the deciding game of the 2014 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship, was played on 7 September 2014 at Croke Park, Dublin. The final ended – for the third year in a row – in a draw.

Who was the referee for the 2014 All Ireland final?

The Tipperary team that won the 1989 All-Ireland Final were presented to the crowd before the match to mark 25 years. Westmeath official Barry Kelly was named as the referee for the 2014 All-Ireland final on 25 August.

Who are the winners of the All Ireland Football Championship?

Kerry, with goals from Paul Geaney and Kieran Donaghy, won their 37th title after a 2–9 to 0–12 win against Donegal. A total of 33 teams contested the championship. These include 31 teams from Ireland, as well as London and New York.