Why did 7 Supergirls get deleted?

Why did 7 Supergirls get deleted?

Parents. Please know that this channel was canceled due to the manager sexually assaulting one of the members. YouTube deleted the channel of the platform.

What happened with the SevenSuperGirls?

The brand was co-founded by a man called Ian Rylett who was responsible for paying salaries to the girls for the videos that they used to film. However, the run of the channel came at a sudden halt when Rylett was arrested under the charges of molestation against one of the girls, according to Buzzfeed News.

Is Ian rylett out of jail?

As part of the deal, after Rylett is released from prison, he’ll be on supervised probation for five years. The deal also contains a condition that bars him from having contact with any minors except his daughter, and specifically prohibits him from contacting his victim or her mother.

What happened to the Saks channels?

Closure. The owner of the channels, Ian Rylett was arrested on August 17, 2018, due to alleged sexual exploitation. All the channels from the SAK network were demonetized following his arrest. All ten SAK channels were later terminated outright on March 12, 2019; Instagram accounts of the channels were also deleted.

What did the SevenSuperGirls boss do?

The British founder of a popular YouTube channel featuring young girls in bizarre scenarios has been arrested in the US on suspicion of the “lewd or lascivious molestation” of a performer.

Who is the owner of SevenSuperGirls?

The reason: Owner and owner Ian Rylett was arrested in Florida in August for lewd and brutal abuse of one of the girls who were making videos for channels of him. The largest channel – SevenSuperGirls – currently has around 9 million subscribers and 5 billion views.

Who is FaZe rugs girlfriend?

His individual YouTube page now boasts more than 19 million subscribers, and his videos have often featured his girlfriend, Kaelyn Wilkins. Like many other influencer couples, FaZe Rug and Kaelyn have used clickbait titles to draw viewers in.

How long will Ian rylett be in jail?

Rylett was sentenced to 90 days in jail minus 29 days for time served. He will then serve five years of supervised probation.

Who got abused in SevenSuperGirls?

Aside from the above, who was harassed on SSG? Ian Rylett, 55, one of the founders of the SevenAwesomeKids brand, was arrested on August 17 and charged with obscene and cruel abuse. According to an arrest warrant received from the police, Rylett claims the victim signed a contract to join SevenSuperGirls.