Why did Aizawa quit?

Why did Aizawa quit?

After the NPA cuts the funding of the Task Force, L gives the members a choice of staying or leaving. If they stay with the Task Force, they will no longer receive a paycheck from the NPA, and because he needs to care for his family, Aizawa thinks of leaving.

Who has a crush on Shinichi Parasyte?

Kana Kimishima
Kana Kimishima (君嶋 加奈, Kimishima Kana) is a disobedient “bad girl” who develops a crush on Shinichi Izumi. Even though he didn’t return her feelings, her death leaves a lasting emotional strain on Shinichi.

Does Matsuda die in death Note?

In a spin-off short film, Matsuda is having trouble coming to terms with the end of the Kira case and that Light was Kira. As written, Matsuda dies “with a smile on his face” as he shoots himself. This is witnessed by his team, and leaves them shaken.

How old is Higuchi death Note?

Kyosuke Higuchi
The Third Kira from the Yotsuba Group
Born: June 6, 1972 (1975 in the animé)
Died: October 28, 2004 (’07 in the animé)
Age: 32

Does Aizawa have a kid?

So, there you have it. Aizawa has become Dad-zawa to Shinso, and fans are loving it.

Does Migi like Shinichi?

Migi considers Shinichi to be his friend and states that he’s “glad [he] failed to take over his brain.” When Migi visits Shinichi in his dream, before going to sleep for an indefinite amount of time, he thanks Shinichi for all their experiences together and that he was fortunate enough to make a friend.

Does Maki like Shinichi?

Personality. Makiko is a cheery young girl who quickly takes a liking to Shinichi Izumi and she is very helpful as seen when she walked Shinichi to the hospital to see his dad, and even chased Shinichi down to make sure he took the correct way to the coastline.

Which episode does Matsuda die?

Matsuda (episode)

Season Part Episode
1 I 19

Who all dies in Death Note?

Death Note Spoilers

  • Higuchi is the businessman with the Death Note.
  • L dies.
  • Light’s father dies, killed by one of Mello’s men trying to get the Death Note back.
  • Mello dies at the end.
  • Takada dies at the end.
  • Light dies at the end.
  • Near does not tell anyone Kira has died.
  • L’s real name is L Lawliet.

How old is Higuchi BSD?

She works under Akutagawa’s orders, and acts as his assistant and bodyguard. Higuchi is a fairly tall, young woman in her 20’s.

Is Higuchi in love with Akutagawa?

She often insists on filling in for Akutagawa, worried about his poor health. Unfortunately, her loyalty is met with a frustrated Akutagawa’s abusive and harsh treatment, often being called “unnecessary” to him. Nonetheless, Higuchi remains loyal to him.

Who is the actor who plays Shuichi Aizawa?

He, Matsuda, and Mogi work closely with Soichiro, and as in the anime, he begins to suspect Light before the others do. He and Matsuda constantly get into brief arguments with each other that are usually broken up by Mogi. Aizawa is portrayed by Tomohisa Yuge.

Who is Shuichi Aizawa married to in Death Note?

This is made even more clear through the fact that he seems to be the one in the Task Force who takes action against L’s surveillance of Light and Misa the most, being the one responsible to end their confinement. Aizawa has a wife named Eriko and a daughter named Yumi. Aizawa and his wife also have a baby son whose name is not revealed.

Why does Shuichi Aizawa want to leave the task force?

If they stay with the Task Force, they will no longer receive a paycheck from the NPA, and because he needs to care for his family, Aizawa thinks of leaving. After Watari states that L had set aside money for the Task Force members for this kind of situation, Aizawa becomes furious.

Why did Shuichi Aizawa leave a nail mark on his notepad?

Because of Aizawa’s suspicions, he becomes Light’s main obstacle in the Task Force. When Light began communicating to his proxy through Kiyomi Takada under the guise that he is investigating Takada, Aizawa leaves a nail mark on the notepad and, once he notices the nail mark is gone, he is now absolutely certain Light is Kira.