Why do you think Jin kisses Suzy?

Why do you think Jin kisses Suzy?

Suzy confides in Jin that their classmates’ racism makes her feel somewhat embarrassed about being Asian all the time, which leads Jin to kiss Suzy without her permission. Being a self-possessed and confident individual, Suzy punches Jin in the face for this transgression.

What is the summary of American Born Chinese?

A tour-de-force by New York Times bestselling graphic novelist Gene Yang, American Born Chinese tells the story of three apparently unrelated characters: Jin Wang, who moves to a new neighborhood with his family only to discover that he’s the only Chinese-American student at his new school; the powerful Monkey King.

Why do you think the Monkey King finally helps Wong Lai-Tsao?

The Monkey King gets mad at him and tells him he can’t use his Kung Fu because he is cursed and trapped under the rock. The Monkey King waits until Wong gives him a final warning to free himself or his destiny will be to remain trapped under a rock. The Monkey King returns to his former self and helps Wong.

What does the Monkey King mean by a signpost to your soul?

221, what does the Monkey King mean by “a signpost to your soul?” Guiding Jin to make the right decisions. Guiding him to his true form and the way that he acts.

What is the main lesson of American Born Chinese?

American Born Chinese, by Gene Yeng, is a graphic novel that grapples with themes, or main ideas, of friendship, identity, and personal transformation by weaving together three stories.

What is special about Lai-Tsao How does he treat people?

He’s the model for perfect kindness and humility: the true ego-less character. Take, for instance, his daily job. He goes out and gathers fruit in order to share it with vagrants (7.10-7.11); he tends to those same vagrants’ wounds even when the vagrants abuse his generosity (7.12-7.13).

What was the Monkey King’s punishment for trespassing into heaven?

One monkey offers his king a scroll from Heaven, which reads that the Monkey King has been sentenced to death for trespassing upon Heaven.

What is different about Wei Chen character at the end of the book?

Wei Chen became a monkey again at the end of the story American Born Chinese. In this way the monkey king got rid of the pile of rocks. Jin Wang started going to school after losing touch with his old friends so that he can find new ones.

Why was the Monkey King not allowed at the party?

Wear shoes; The monkey king wasn’t allowed to go to the dinner party because he was wearing shoes and because he was a monkey. He doesn’t want to be a monkey, and if you are not a monkey, then you don’t wear shoes.

Who is Jin Wang?

The novel’s protagonist. Jin is a Chinese American boy whose mother and father emigrated from China to San Francisco’s Chinatown, where Jin is born.