Why does Joshua shoot NEKU?

Why does Joshua shoot NEKU?

After Minamimoto flees, Joshua shoots a petrified Neku dead, to use him as his Proxy against Kitaniji as Neku has a great amount of Soul and a vivid Imagination. Joshua drops a Player Pin on Neku which accounts for Neku’s second Player Pin (in addition to the one he received for playing the Reaper’s Game).

How old is Joshua in Twewy?

Name Yoshiya Kiryu
Age 15
First Appearance Week 1, Day 1 (Statue of Hachiko)

Is Joshua in Twewy Neo?

Yoshiya “Joshua” Kiryu Overview | NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY) This is a character page for Yoshiya ‘Joshua’ Kiryu in the game NEO: The World Ends With You (NEO: TWEWY). Read on to learn more about him, Social Network reward, and his history with the Reaper’s Game.

Who killed NEKU?

One of these visions is of Rhyme’s death which he chooses not to tell Beat. This soon comes true and also results in the erasure of Shiki much to Neku’s dismay. Neku, moments before being murdered a second time, this time by Coco.

How strong is NEKU?

Telekinesis: Neku can lift and levitate objects as well as throwing them and moving it with his mind. He can throw and manipulate them at a speed of 128,134,333 m/s and can lift way more things that weigh 36,750,000,000,000,000,000,000 kgs. He can even control things that are 384,403,000 meters away from him.

Who is cat Twewy?

CAT the artist CAT’s true identity, Sanae Hanekoma. Later in the game, it is revealed that CAT is Sanae Hanekoma.

Who is Haz neo Twewy?

Hazuki Mikagi (御鍵 映月, Mikagi Hazuki), or Haz, is a character in NEO: The World Ends with You. He is the Composer of Shinjuku and an Angel, and in the Secret Ending, says he was following in the Composer of Shibuya’s, Yoshiya “Joshua” Kiryu’s, footsteps.

What happened to NEKU at the end of Twewy?

Neku: Murdered by the Composer. Entry fee: His memories. Note that his entry fee is separate from the memories of his death, which were taken by the Composer after said death.

Does NEKU like Shiki?

At first, Neku dislikes Shiki, finding her behavior in his own words “obnoxious”, and he acts coldly towards her and only staying with her to survive. He nicknames her “Stalker” because she follows him around wherever he goes.

Why does Joshua want to be Neku’s partner?

Joshua becomes Neku’s partner for three reasons; to confirm Kitaniji’s strategy, to teach Neku, and to protect him. Right from Day One, Joshua’s attitude and behavior both irritates Neku and strikes him as highly suspicious. Joshua makes and receives calls on his phone, which had proved impossible for Neku and company in the last week.

Where does Joshua end up in the world ends with you?

Joshua confronts Neku before Neku’s death. Later, while being chased through the RG by Sho Minamimoto, Joshua and Minamimoto end up in the Udagawa Back Streets, where Neku Sakuraba is admiring one of CAT ‘s murals. Joshua shoots at Minamimoto, barely missing.

What does Neku wear in the world ends with you?

In The World Ends with You, Neku wears a sleeveless black shirt with a funnel-like collar and an indigo stripe outlined with gold going down the middle, a yellow sweatband on his left wrist, and white shorts held up by a loose-fitting belt. His shoes are black with an indigo stripe outlined in gold, similar to the style of his shirt.

Why does Neku dislike Shibuya so much?

Neku dislikes Shibuya, viewing it as an overpopulated noisy place, wondering why a town needs so many people in it. He has a hatred for loud and noisy people especially; he wears headphones to block the sounds of noisy people out and also presumably so other people will approach him less.