Why does my stomach feel like its tearing?

Why does my stomach feel like its tearing?

This is usually caused by an infection from bacteria or fungus, but can also be caused by fluids leaking into your abdomen from other organs like the liver. Usually, peritonitis is caused by an infection that gets into your peritoneum because of a rupture (rip or tear) in the abdominal wall.

Does a hernia feel like a pulled muscle?

The pain is similar, but hernias often create a telltale lump beneath the skin. If you’re an active person, you may attribute pain in the lower abdomen or groin to a muscle strain, especially if you experienced that kind of injury when you were younger.

What is an abdominal strain?

An abdominal muscle strain, or pulled stomach muscle, is often an overuse injury. It occurs when muscles in the stomach stretch or tear. Football and tennis players are prone to this injury. But anyone can strain the abdominal muscles. Muscle strains get better over time with rest.

What does a tear in the stomach feel like?

The primary symptoms of gastrointestinal perforation are severe abdominal pain and tenderness. The abdomen may also protrude or feel hard to the touch. If the hole is in a person’s stomach or small intestine, the onset of pain is usually sudden, but if the hole is in the large bowel, the pain may come on gradually.

What is a tearing sensation?

Definition. An intense sensation of discomfort or distress that feels like being torn or ripped apart. [

Can an abdominal tear heal itself?

You can usually treat abdominal strain at home. Most mild strains will heal within a few weeks. Here are some treatment options that will help ensure a speedy recovery.

What do you do for a torn abdominal muscle?


  1. Avoid exercise to allow the injured muscle to heal.
  2. Avoid activities that cause pain or spasm of the abdominal muscles.
  3. Practice gentle stretching.
  4. Apply ice to the injured area in the acute phase, or during the first 48 hours after injury.
  5. Apply heat before activities to loosen the muscle.

What does a hernia pain feel like?

Typically, patients with ventral hernias describe mild pain, aching or a pressure sensation at the site of the hernia. The discomfort worsens with any activity that puts a strain on the abdomen, such as heavy lifting, running or bearing down during bowel movements. Some patients have a bulge but do not have discomfort.

What does abdominal strain feel like?

If you have an abdominal strain, the surface of your stomach area may feel tender and inflamed. You’re more likely to feel these sensations when you’re contracting your abdominal muscles and moving. Other symptoms include: sudden sharp pain.

What are symptoms of abdominal tear?

Symptoms include tenderness and inflammation over an area of the rectus abdominis , usually at the bottom of the muscle where it inserts into the pelvis. The athlete may have felt a sudden sharp pain in the abdominal muscles which would indicate a rupture.

What can you tear in your stomach?

Mallory-Weiss tear: A tear in the esophageal or stomach lining, often as a result of severe vomiting or retching. Mucosal tears also can occur after seizures, forceful coughing or laughing, lifting, straining, or childbirth. Physicians often find tears in people who have recently binged on alcohol.

How do you treat a torn abdominal muscle?

If your abdominal muscle tear is not serious enough to require a specialist consultation, your doctor will send you home with treatment instructions. Typically this involves rest, ice and compression, meant to protect the muscle from further injury and reduce pain and swelling.

What is a tear in the abdominal wall?

An abdominal strain is a tear or rupture of part of the abdominal muscles, usually at the point where it attaches to the pelvis. An immediate, severe pain in the abdominal muscles is a sign of a rupture, and the pain will exacerbate when the muscles contract.